Stocks purchased by the fund

Stocks purchased by the fund

Chuancai Securities pointed out that since the second quarter, the domestic new energy vehicle market has rebounded month by month, which is in resonance with the high boom in the European nStocks purchased by the fundew energy vehicle market. Under the strong catalysis of policies, the global electrification trend is hard to stop. It is recommended to pay attention to: Ningde Times, Funeng Technology and other high-quality battery manufacturers, as well as Defang Nano, Dangsheng Technology, Rongbai Technology, Enjie Stock, Protel, and Xinzhou State and other key material links.

On February 3, the first trading day of the foreign exchange market after the Spring Festival holiday, the onshore and offshore RMB against the US dollar both fell below the 7 mark. With the improvement of market sentiment, on February 5, after both the onshore and offshore RMB exchange rates against the US dollar returned, on the 7th, the central parity of the RMB exchange rate against the US dollar was reported at 9,768, an increase of 217 basis points from the previous trading day.

In 2018, when he participated in the China Development and High-tech Development Forum, Ren Zeping also mentioned the separation of man and land. At that time, he said that the divergence between population urbanization and land urbanization has caused the separation of man and land, which is the root cause of high housing prices in the first and second tiers and high inventory in the third and fourth tiers. The key to a long-term real estate mechanism is to link people to land and financial stability to achieve a balance of supply and demand and a stable release of demand, which is the solution.

In addition, CITIC Securities pointed out that, affected by the pace of early UHV approvals, this round of UHV construction will usher in the second phase of the market after the Baihetan-Jiangsu project has been tendered. It is recommended to focus more on core site equipment head suppliers with stable historical order shares and clear market patterns, and track the subsequent publicity of successful bid candidates. It is recommended to focus on Guodian NARI and Xu Ji Electric, and it is recommended to pay attention to Xidian.

Not only that, the above three independent directors also stated that during their tenure as directors and executives of listed companies and their holding subsidiaries, Zhong Chengrong and related persons disregarded basic legal provisions such as the Company Law and Securities Law to obstruct listed companies from exercising management control. The right to know financial information, the right to convene the shareholders meeting, refusal to fulfill the commitment to complete the increase in shareholding, violates the basic fiduciary obligations of the directors and senior management of listed companies, and brings damage to the listed company as a whole, especially the rights and interests of small and medium shareholders. The legal and moral order of the capital market has been severely disrupted. Independent directors strongly condemned it legally and morally. When necessary, they will ask the public security organs for criminal investigation and punish criminal acts that endanger the healthy operation of listed companies.

From the perspective of house price index, data from the National Bureau of Statistics show that in September, the price of new houses in 70 cities rose slightly from the previous month, while the price of second-hand housing was basically flat. FStocks purchased by the fundrom a year-on-year perspective, the year-on-year growth rates of new and second-hand housing prices in first-tier cities increased slightly, while those in second- and third-tier cities fell.

From the perspective of changes in the market value of positions, data shows that the market value of 5 stocks held by Northbound Funds increased by more than 500 million yuan this week. They were Ping An, Ping An Bank, China Merchants Bank, Gree Electric (000651), and CPIC. The market value of their positions increased respectively. 23.4 billion yuan, 12.3 billion yuan, 10.3 billion yuan, 13.5 billion yuan, and 2.2 billion yuan, of which 44.96 million shares of Ping An Bank were lightened by northbound funds, and the other four stocks were all increased. From the perspective of market performance, these 5 All stocks rose against the trend this week.

According to the "Financial Control Measures", if financial holding companies make false capital contributions or revolving capital injections to financial institutions, use entrusted funds, debt funds and other non-self-owned funds to make capital contributions; conduct related-party transactions in violation of regulations; interfere with the operations of the financial institutions they hold and cause major risks or major risks Hidden risks; providing false or concealing important facts of financial accounting reports, statements, statistical statements and operating data; refusing or obstructing the People’s Bank of China’s on-site inspections, etc., the People’s Bank of China shall order corrections within a time limit and confiscate the illegal gains.

At 14:33, the scenic spots and tourism sector strengthened. Western Region Tourism (300859) rose by 20%, UTS Travel (002707) rose by its daily limit, CDFG (601888) and Caesars Tourism (000796) followed the rise.

In this regard, Essence Securities said that everything in the world has a fate for gathering and dispersing. For the stock market, this fate is the market. As long as there is a market, there is no need to worry about investors. As soon as the market conditions were good in July, new investors began to run into the market. If the country is waiting, Hualiu will be more selfless. The development of the securities market cannot be separated from the continuous participation of investors. Although there are more people, the confidence of investors is more expensive than gold. If the confidence of investors is shaken, it is inevitable to disperse.

The implementation oStocks purchased by the fundf the A-share registration system has given more and more payment institutions the hope of listing. However, when UnionPay Commerce, Lianlian Payment, etc. sprinted into A-shares, another remittance company, which had the first halo of payment, unexpectedly decided to exit the capital market by way of privatization.