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China net science and technology, July 16 news this evening, CCTV 315 Party of China Central Radio and television (CCTV) exposed the confusion of advertising on the interesting headlines platform. Shanghai Jifen Cultural Communication Co., Ltd., the main operator of the interesting headlines, responded that it had set up a special working group to conduct a thorough investigation on the advertisements involved in the platform. Once relevant problems are found, we will resolutely check and ban them."" The following is the full text of the response to the interesting headlines: we attach great importance to the advertising problem of the interesting headlines platform reported in CCTV's 3.15 evening party, and are fully aware that there are still many deficiencies in the platform advertising ecological management. We sincerely apologize for the trouble and influence caused to users. In response to the problems pointed out by CCTV, Shanghai Jifen Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. has quickly established a special working group on advertising ecological governance, and is conducting a thorough investigation on the advertising involved in the platform. Once relevant problems are found, iBuy stocks onlinet is determined to strictly check and ban it. We attach great importance to the ecological management of advertising content on the platform. We are very grateful for the supervision and criticism of CCTV and other media and all sectors of society,"

Since 2015, driven by a series of national policies and strong domestic market demand, China's integrated circuit industry has maintained a stable and rapid growth as a whole, and has begun to usher in an accelerated period of development. With the increase of industrial investment, technological breakthrough and scale accumulation, domestic related enterprises have sprung up like a spring, and Deco code was established at this time. The legal representative is Li Ruiwei. The company's business scope includes integrated circuit technology, semiconductor technology, photoelectric technology and minimally invasive medical imaging technology.

Second, parents should not simply look at the length of teaching, but the number of front-line teaching hours and students - "my own feeling is that one year of online teaching experience is equal to 10 years of offline teaching experience." Why do you say that? The teacher of an excellent course has made an account for the parents: in the offline class, he takes about 10 classes at the same time every weekend, so the same knowledge point is generally taught 10-20 times in a semester; but in the online class, because public welfare courses, open courses and paid courses are opened every week, he can teach 100-200 times for the same knowledge point in a semester.

As of the first quarter of this year, the number of daily live users of the platform reached 45.6 million, of which over 60% were from emerging markets. Nearly 15 million middle-aged and elderly users in emerging markets roamed the information ocean of interesting headlines every day. As one of the hot channels of platform content consumption, tourism content has always been popular with users. After the outbreak of Xinguan epidemic this year, offline travel is limited, and the demand of middle-aged and elderly users in emerging markets to watch the world online is further released.

The Kwai has announced the open and win win plan for the game industry. Tang Yuyu pointed out: "in the future, fast hands will open up policy support, innovate Kwai Fu and integrate their own product operation capabilities, connect the game and the competitive industry chain, and win win cooperation with industry partners."

Dong'ao accounting online cBuy stocks onlineustomer service refused to refund for 7 days without reason. " Source: another consumer complained about black cat. On July 10, another consumer posted a post saying, "on May 25, 2020, on the official website of" Dong'ao accounting online ", he purchased the course" e-changlistening worry free class (6 subjects in five years) "on the official website of" Dong'ao accounting Online ". After finding that it was not in line with the expectation, he applied for a refund, but the customer service supervisor had a bad attitude and refused to refund. On the way, I went to the platform twice to negotiate a refund, and there was no progress. " Source: according to the public data of black cat's complaint, Dong'ao accounting online was the first to enter the field of accounting training and publishing from the publication of the series of easy clearance. In 2004, the official website of "Dong'ao accounting online" was officially launched and entered the era of online content operation. Since then, it has formally entered the field of accounting remote training by adopting the mode of "combination of books and websites". According to Tianyan, the full name of Dong'ao accounting online is Beijing Dongao Times Education Technology Co., Ltd., which was registered in January 2008. Jilin Dongao Education Investment Group Co., Ltd. holds 99.60% of the shares, which is the largest shareholder of the company; Wang Yajie, a natural person, holds 0.40% of the shares, which is the second largest shareholder; Wang Songtao indirectly holds 98.61% of the shares of Dong'ao accounting online, which is the ultimate beneficiary. The equity penetration chart of Beijing Dong'Ao Times Education Technology Co., Ltd. (source: tianyancha) tianyancha also shows that since 2018, Dong'ao accounting online has been sued many times for infringement of the right of dissemination of works' information network, unfair competition, labor disputes and other disputes. Source: tianyancha

Article 17 of the Regulations stipulates that the comprehensive management department of the people's government at or above the provincial level in charge of the promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises shall establish channels for complaints of arrears, and clearly stipulate the mechanism for handling complaints.